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Food Access




The Wenatchee Valley Farmer's Market joins many Farmer's Markets across the State in participating with programs such as the Farmers Market Nutrition Program for WIC and Seniors, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program  or SNAP EBT, and a special fruit and vegetable program called “SNAP Market Match.”

Everyone should have access to fresh local farm-direct fruits and vegetables.

See if you qualify for food assistance, contact Washington Connection here.

Or Call (877) 501-2233

The Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) for Women and Infant Children (WIC) and Seniors can be used to purchase fruit, vegetables, and fresh cut herbs at farmers markets. (Seniors can also buy honey.) Eligible families receive the FMNP benefits from their WIC clinic or local senior agency and can spend them directly with approved farm vendors at participating farmers markets between June 1 and October 31.

Click here to learn more about FMNP. 

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is the nation’s largest nutritional assistance program. To use SNAP, simply visit the farmers market’s Information Booth to get tokens that can be used to buy fruits, vegetables, baked goods, seeds, meat, jams, jellies, bread, fish, vegetable starts, syrup and honey, dairy, and poultry.

Click here to learn about “Basic Food” or SNAP in Washington State.


SNAP Market Match. Families and individuals can stretch their SNAP dollars at farmers markets by getting “SNAP Market Match.” No need to sign up. Simply go to a participating farmers market’s Information Booth and get up to $25 in “SNAP Market Match” to buy fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, mushrooms, fresh herbs, seeds, and plants that produce food (e.g., tomato seeds or tomato plants).

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