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Farmer's market with flags waving in the wind
Old Paper
Old Paper

In 1979, two innovative minds came together. Fran Taber, a Wenatchee businesswoman, and Jerry Pipitone, a local farmer, approached Mayor Jim Lynch with an idea for a local venue where farmers could sell their produce directly to the community.

Shortly thereafter canopies were raised at the loading dock of the Wenatchee Valley Museum & Cultural Center, the Old Time Fiddlers entertained the crowds, and the Wenatchee Valley Farmers Market was born! Soon more space was needed and the market moved to Memorial Park. The market grew and began to branch out and help start other markets in Leavenworth, Cashmere and East Wenatchee – some of which are now independent and still running today!

Over the next twenty years, the market relocated to several different parking lots in Wenatchee. Sue Gasbar of Yaksum Canyon Truck Farm remembers one of the favorite sites, for both vendors and visitors, was at the bottom of 5th Street along Riverfront Drive. Due to development of that site, the market needed to relocate, however the vendors continued to hope a site along the river would open up again. Several years later Pybus Public Market was renovated and in 2013 the market found its current home.

The eclectic blend of shops and restaurants inside, and the wonderful combination of activities at Wenatchee Riverfront Park and the Apple Capital Loop Trail, make our new home at Pybus Public Market truly unique. Wenatchee Valley Farmers Market is honored and enthusiastic to be a tenant here for the next 10 years at least!

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